Are you looking for a superb web application with extensibility integrated?

Python is a dynamic open source language that’s increasingly being used to run the backend of a number of web sites that we use regularly, including massive ones like Google, Facebook, Quora and YouTube. It is also being used by a number of enterprises to run mission critical applications for analyzing seismic data, data processing and climate analysis etc.

In the constantly changing technology landscape, more and more companies come to rely on the flexibility and power of Python instead of Java frameworks or Microsoft .NET. The key reason to consider using Python over the Microsoft stack is the licensing cost and a closed source code. While Java has a powerful virtual machine, its programming language is lagging behind as it’s controlled by Oracle, and many companies turn to Python.

Here are the reasons why we have been choosing Python:

  • Python is robust
  • Python is easy to learn and use.
  • Python’s large number of development frameworks lays stress on security, testing and administration, thus streamlining software development.
  • Python is flexible
  • Python reduces time to market

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